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Welcome to my website that was developed to showcase my library of astrophotography.  I also included my interest in amateur telescope making and observatory construction.

I built my first telescope in high school, but education and career put my interest in Astronomy on hold.  After permanently locating in a relatively dark sky region of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I bought an 8” Meade Catadioptric telescope in the mid-1980’s and the rest is history: three observatory construction projects, mirror making and telescope construction, and film and digital astrophotography. 

It has been an exciting journey with technical improvements occurring, such as home computers and software like Photoshop.  DSLR’s and CCD cameras have gradually replaced film astrophotography.  Observatory automation at the amateur level has made critical functions possible such as sharp focusing better than a human.

Associated activities have included astronomy club membership, astronomy education outreach, eclipse chasing, star parties, and living in an astronomy village.  Friendships made along the way are the most important.


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